The snake venom : deadly poison or hope for medicine?

What effects does the venom of snakes have on the body?

The snake venom : deadly poison or hope for medicine?


Captopril, a large-scale medication for arterial hypertension, is derived from the study of a small jararaca venom protein. It is by observing the collapse of the blood pressure of the people bitten by this serpent that Brazilian researchers had the idea to synthesize a molecule derived from the tetratide. The action of this derivative is opposed to the effects of the system Rénine Angiotensine Aldosterone (yes yes, we know it is a bit of a barbaric name …) which designates a system of physiological regulation that decreases the diameter of the arteries, thus contributing to increase Intravascular pressure.
You did not understand everything? Normal, it’s not simple! Try to imagine … you have to visualize the blood circulating in an artery like the water circulating in a garden hose. When the end of the pipe is pressed, the water emerges more violently, so that the pressure inside is greater. This is due to the reduction in the diameter of the pipe. However, captopril is opposed to this action, by preventing the production of angiotensin which decreases the volume of the arteries !


These snake venom peptides are also used in cardiac surgery. During these particularly heavy procedures, blood clots may form. It is by observing the great haemorrhages caused by the bite of the Echis carinatus (echidated keeled) that a molecule has been developed from its venom: Tirofiban. This molecule, which fluidizes the blood, reduces the risk of clot formation and allows to operate in complete serenity by limiting the risk of excessive coagulation.
These anti-coagulant properties are found in the venom of a Chinese snake. With this in mind, a research team at the Institut Pasteur is working on a drug that can rapidly dissolve the clots responsible for vascular accidents. This is a source of hope for all the emergency personnel who are promptly taking charge of this type of patient whose life expectancy is engaged …


Research would also be conducted on the venom of the royal cobra. The original toxin has an interesting analgesic (which softens pain) but neurotoxic. By modifying the venom peptide to rid it of its toxic part, a team of researchers hopes to develop a new class of painkiller outlawing morphine!


At Garancia snake venom peptides are at the heart of some of our care. They exert a botox-like action by reducing muscle micro-contractions at the origin of expression wrinkles. Moreover, this famous botox, derived from botulinum toxin, has an action similar to one of the components present in the venom of cobra.

So still scary, snakes?


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Best wines of March 2017


According to Forbes magazine, the best wines of March 2017 are :

  • Le Blanc de Cazenove, Grand Vin de Bordeaux, 2015 (€ 15)
  • Tenuta Di Arceno Strada al Sasso Chianti Classico Riserva, 2010 (€ 35)
  • Fattoria Selvapiana Pomino “Villa Petrognano” DOC, 2011 (€ 20)
  • Moingeon La Maison du Crémant, Prestige Brut NV (€ 19)

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Smart fashion: what do our clothes say when they talk to us ?

“What we wear says something about our personality – but what if our clothes and accessories could also tell us about our health?


A smart shirt prototype can keep track of how much the wearer eats or drinks. Soft textile sensors in the collar monitor the neck muscles to inconspicuously detect swallows.

“With this technology, we can monitor complex behaviour in daily life,” explained Oliver Amft, Professor of Sensor Technology, University of Passau. “For example, we can detect dehydration – when you drink too little during the day. It’s also useful for diabetes patients: we can support them with advice about healthier nutritional habits. It can also provide overweight people with recommendations based on actual data.”

Here’s another possibility for skin-friendly textile sensors. The frame of these glasses measures skull bone vibrations when the person is chewing. The vibration pattern shows what kind of food is being eaten. This can make continuous nutrition monitoring less awkward, almost unnoticeable.

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“The major challenge is to integrate measuring technologies into everyday objects, such as clothes,” added Amft. “Same for the glasses: for people who need them it’s completely normal to wear them constantly. Any such accessories in which we can integrate monitoring sensors can help to assess eating behaviour.”

Textile sensors, developed at this European research project are all based on the same type of synthetic fabric: polymer fibres intervowen with silver or copper-based conductors.

“It’s fully flexible, and it’s also air-permeable — that basically means if you put it on your body, if you sweat, the air can get through,” Jingyuan Cheng, Simpleskin Project Coordinator, told Euronews. “So it’s really comfortable. And you can also wash it in the washing machine. We have done tests putting it into a washing machine for around 40 times — and it still works!”

But can this smart fabric be produced on a large scale? This Swiss company joined the research project as a leading manufacturer of innovative textiles. Such high-tech materials are generally intended for industrial use – screen printing supplies, precise filters and even transparent electrodes.

“We already produce similar fabrics for textile-based solar cells and light-emitting cells,” said Peter Chabrecek, Head of R&D, Sefar. “It’s easy to adapt our weaving machines for this kind of fabric – all it takes is a little adjustment.”

Mass production can make smart textile affordable for a myriad of uses, such as in the security and sports industries. An intelligent seat cover can help with your posture, or even make sure the car driver is watching the road.

“People can produce the same textile, same electronics, and applications like in sport, in healthcare, in security, or in human-computer interactions,” explained Cheng. “A lot of other areas can be explored. I hope in the future this approach can lower the price and finally push our smart textile into the main market.”

Where smartphones and other fiddly gadgets get in the way, smart fashion, such as pressure-sensing trainers and sportswear, can be a real winner.

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Among the various models of barbecues, which one to choose ?

With the weather forecast announced today and tomorrow, some may want to do the first barbecue of the year! Still need to be equipped!


There is no question of the forceps you hold in your left hand, or even of the splendid apron you received at the last feast of the fathers. Nor is it the charcoal or coconut briquettes in which all your hopes for perfect cooking rest. Here, we talk about the barbecue itself, this cooking appliance that makes grilling outdoors. Indeed, for a few weeks, they are on sale everywhere. All models are exhibited but in this case, which should be chosen? With coal? Gas or electric? What should you choose?

Romian Bonnington, who has been a barbecue pro for 25 years and a restaurant specializing in barbecuing, explores the question: “The good points of charcoal barbecue are its durability, authenticity and ease of use. Gas, the big advantage is the ease of use, just turn a button and you quickly have your barbecue ready.On a barbecue with charcoal, you can do things that do not Not done with a gas barbecue, such as smoking the meats and making long cooking “.

A choice to make according to the number of barbecues desired per year and the ease

“The choice of the barbecue, it arises on the number of barbecues that one wishes to make, and on the facility that you wish to have over the year. If you make two barbecues per year, the gas barbecue will be the most practical And the easiest. If you are a barbecue fan and want to get out of the ‘sausage-merguez-slice of bacon’ setting, the charcoal barbecue will be better and cheaper.

To have a good barbecue, does it necessarily have to invest? According to Rohan, “It is imperative!” In large supermarkets, it is not always said that a barbecue comes from China, and that the grates are of poor quality, the same for the burners. When it comes from China, it gets more complicated, and it’s sometimes more expensive to replace the coin than to change the barbecue, while in some DIY stores there are people who have been trained. Has specialized stores that do everything that is fireplace, etc … that have staff with a good training behind, who take courses and who can best advise clients.

It is best to invest to acquire a good barbecue

“If you leave a barbeque at fifty euros outside throughout the year, the next year you can replace it. When you invest a little more, and you are then in the 200-300 euros, you can Barbeque grill, which is never replaced and is easier to clean and maintain.These types of barbecues can be guaranteed for ten to fifteen years or even sometimes guaranteed for life. You have to spend a little more money and have something of quality. There is also enamelling on high-end barbecues, where you can have several layers of enamel, which allows them to hold for a long time Outside, even without protection.The electric barbecues, they are rather small and for two people, alas, we will never find the authenticity of a barbecue, so it is not advisable … “.

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