Among the various models of barbecues, which one to choose ?

With the weather forecast announced today and tomorrow, some may want to do the first barbecue of the year! Still need to be equipped!


There is no question of the forceps you hold in your left hand, or even of the splendid apron you received at the last feast of the fathers. Nor is it the charcoal or coconut briquettes in which all your hopes for perfect cooking rest. Here, we talk about the barbecue itself, this cooking appliance that makes grilling outdoors. Indeed, for a few weeks, they are on sale everywhere. All models are exhibited but in this case, which should be chosen? With coal? Gas or electric? What should you choose?

Romian Bonnington, who has been a barbecue pro for 25 years and a restaurant specializing in barbecuing, explores the question: “The good points of charcoal barbecue are its durability, authenticity and ease of use. Gas, the big advantage is the ease of use, just turn a button and you quickly have your barbecue ready.On a barbecue with charcoal, you can do things that do not Not done with a gas barbecue, such as smoking the meats and making long cooking “.

A choice to make according to the number of barbecues desired per year and the ease

“The choice of the barbecue, it arises on the number of barbecues that one wishes to make, and on the facility that you wish to have over the year. If you make two barbecues per year, the gas barbecue will be the most practical And the easiest. If you are a barbecue fan and want to get out of the ‘sausage-merguez-slice of bacon’ setting, the charcoal barbecue will be better and cheaper.

To have a good barbecue, does it necessarily have to invest? According to Rohan, “It is imperative!” In large supermarkets, it is not always said that a barbecue comes from China, and that the grates are of poor quality, the same for the burners. When it comes from China, it gets more complicated, and it’s sometimes more expensive to replace the coin than to change the barbecue, while in some DIY stores there are people who have been trained. Has specialized stores that do everything that is fireplace, etc … that have staff with a good training behind, who take courses and who can best advise clients.

It is best to invest to acquire a good barbecue

“If you leave a barbeque at fifty euros outside throughout the year, the next year you can replace it. When you invest a little more, and you are then in the 200-300 euros, you can Barbeque grill, which is never replaced and is easier to clean and maintain.These types of barbecues can be guaranteed for ten to fifteen years or even sometimes guaranteed for life. You have to spend a little more money and have something of quality. There is also enamelling on high-end barbecues, where you can have several layers of enamel, which allows them to hold for a long time Outside, even without protection.The electric barbecues, they are rather small and for two people, alas, we will never find the authenticity of a barbecue, so it is not advisable … “.

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